Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting for Google to Do the Right Thing

I apologize to everyone, I am still waiting for Google to do the right thing. It has now been 2 weeks and they still have not restored my other 3 blogs. They took them down with no reason given. This one they took down and gave back because they said it tested positive for spam in error.

My other 3 blogs were taken down without an explanation, not one word. My contention is that they should have let me know if there was a problem before they did something this serious. This has been most distressing.

It would be nice if I hear something, anything soon,....Again I apologize for Google. They mean well.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Google Took My Blogs Down Without a Reason

I apologize to all my followers on my 4 blogs. Google has decided to take my blogs down. This is the only one they have released as of this date. This all began a week ago when I went to check by blogs and found out they were disabled.

When I contacted Google they said they made a mistake, that this one tested for spam in their screening process. I don't use spam I told them, I use my blogs to promote other people's products or do my own writing. I went through the restore process and have yet to hear on my other 3 blogs.

This has been a very frustrating, eye-opening process. I was blown away by the fact that Google has no real people you can talk to.Their problems are handled by webmasters, that is people on their site who are supposed to help people Google is partnering with. If the webmaster feels your problem warrants their help, they will help you. Otherwise, you are on your own. It has been a very difficult time.

When you are punished for something you did not do, it is not easy. Google has the policy of punishing now before they get the facts. When their screening process detects what it is picking up as spam, they take you down. They don't investigate first to see if they are doing this nasty thing to people who don't deserve it. They just act.

This has cost me a week of business and a lot of foolishness. I am still waiting for someone from Google to address this problem.

So in the meantime, I apoligize for their acts of injustice. They have the chance to make it up to me. In the process of my investigation, I find that I am not the only one they have done this to. There are a lot of people who used to partner with Google who were retaliated against just like I was. They have not heard back from Google either.

So Google, if you are monitoring my blog, here is your chance to step up and do the right thing, give me my blogs back.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today I Am a Writer (By Candy Statts)

Today I Am a Writer

She sat in her chair in front of the open window. Her brown tangled locks, with a hint of gray, overflowed into her lap as again she bowed her head in despair. A fresh breeze flowed in from the open window, a delightful wind, but she wasn’t feeling the breeze. She was feeling the pain. All her life she wanted to write, to make a difference. But as the years went by she remained, in her eyes a failure. She never did all the things she had planned to do with her life. She would never write, she would never dance, she would never fly.
Someday, she thought, the tears starting up in eyes again, “I will dance. I will dance, and I will write to tell about it. I will sing, and I will write about it. I will fly, and I will write about about how it felt to soar”. But still she remained in her chair, wrestling with the voices of despair. All her life the voices had told her that she would never succeed. That she wasn’t worthy of love or respect. Her life, she was told was like the kiss of death to all who touched her. Her only son was born into a silent world. Her husband was recently departed. The black crepe was still hanging on her door. “I will write.” she said again, wiping a tear from her swollen eyes.
She shared with someone today her desire to write. That person, who was by now a seasoned writer, snorted saying “Oh yes, there are a lot of people that think they have a story to tell; they actually think they can write. Each one thinks they are supposed to be a writer. But most of them never make it.” She gave her an appraising look, snorted again and walked away.
“No-one believes in me”, she thought. She dropped her head into her hands, a wilted flower bowed low. The wind from the open window was again tantalizing her. A sweet aroma, like the smell of roses and lilies wafted around her bowed head. It caressed her wet cheek and soothed her fevered brow.
She raised her head to the open window. She heard the tinkling of her wind chimes in the distance, and saw her curtains rustle in the breeze. And then she heard it, a sweet voice in the wind whisper “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for a hope and a future.” For a long moment she sat poised, letting the wind fan across her tear-stained cheeks. Then with a look of hope she arose from her chair and went to her typewriter. My future begins now, she thought, as she began to type “Today I am a writer,……”

They Took My Veil (A Song by Candy Statts)


They took my veil from me
My dress was ripped and torn.
They said I should be stoned
For the sin that I had done.

I looked for some kind face
To rescue me from harm.
But knew that noone would
The stones were in their hand.

And then I saw His face
He was writing in the sand.
And then He straightened up
And said “Who is the man”?

Who here is without sin
Can cast the first stone
And when I looked around
I saw they were all gone.

He asked me where the men
Who accused me had all gone.
He said to go back home
That all my sins were gone.

I’ll never forget His face
I give my heart to Him
He gave me a brand new life
My love belongs to Him.

That man is now my Lord
I give to Him my song.
Still now I look around
My accusers are still gone.

Lazarus Come Forth (A Song by Candy Statts)

Lazarus Come Forth

I am the Master’s Friend
He often came to see me in my home.
I knew He was the one
Sent to save men, come from the Father’s throne.
We listened to His words
My sister Mary sitting at His feet
Then I fell sick and died
Everyone was weeping with defeat.

I heard Him calling me
That familiar voice that I have known so well.
My spirit heard His voice
And here I stand and I’m alive and well.

Lazarus, come forth,
Come forth from the grave.
Listen to the voice
That was born to save.
Lazarus come forth,
Drop your graveclothes to the floor,
You know that you won’t need them,
You’ll never ever need them anymore.

Come On Worm (By Candy Statts)

“Come on Worm”

The mother peered through her white muslim curtains at the little girl sitting on the front porch of her house. The little girl wore white gloves and was talking to the worm that she was attempting to coax onto her hook, for she was going fishing. “Oh, please worm, please get on the hook. She poked a couple of times half-heartedly at the worm but the worm would not get on the hook. For some reason it struggled to wriggle out of her grasp. The little girl started crying and threw the fishing pole down. Then, with the wriggling worm still in her hand she went to her mother. “Mommy,” she cried wiping at her tears with her one free hand, “the worm won’t get on the hook”. The mother turned her head a little away from her daughter so she would not see the smile splaying across her face. But she lifted her daughter up into her lap and wiped her tears. She held her for a long moment as the gentle breeze came in from the half open window. She looked at the worm who was continuing to wriggle, striving to free itself from her daughter’s hand. She took the worm away from her and put the worm in a glass. Then she started to tell her a story. “Honey”, she said, smoothing her hair with her hand. “We don’t always do what we know God wants us to do. We struggle in God’s hands and wriggle and try to get away from his purposes, from the things we know are right and good. No amount of coaxing is going to convince us to do those things. We have to want to do them. That’s why God gave us the freedom to choose. Do you know what freedom is, honey” The little girl shook her head and the mother explained. “When you want a cookie and there are two kinds what does Mommy say?”. The little girl thought for a moment and then said “what kind do you want?” The mom said yes, that is right, and do you tell mom which one you want? Yes, the little girl said. So, the mother said, you had the freedom to choose which one you wanted. Oh, the little girl said I always choose the chocolate one. She giggled and leaned closer to her mother. Can we make cookies later? Yes, the mother said.

A Tear Fell,...(A song by Candy Statts)

A tear fell from the Father's eye
as the Son left the Father's throne.
All Heaven stood in silence
as He walked off alone.
We could hear the angels singing
on a bright and starry night
And suddenly our lives were filled
with a great and saving light.

There was silence in the throneroom
as He walked up Golgotha's hill
Then we heard the sounds of nails and shouts
Then the air got very still.
A sacrifice was promised
He chose to die for the sins of men
His voice was heard to cry out
"It is finished" then the darkness came.

There was singing in the throneroom
when He rose up from that grave
When He went to redeem the souls of men
that He had come to save.
He took the keys of Hell and death
and He threw them on the ground
Now we can see Him face to face
Can you hear the rejoicing sound.

A tear will fall from the Father's eye
when we approach His glorious throne,
For His love was never ceasing
though we felt all alone.
We will never more remember
the years of hurt and pain
The things the worm has eaten
He will restore again.

We'll hear the angels in the throneroom
Singing songs of highest praise
With our voices we will join in
For the Lamb who completely saves.
The Son of Heaven made the way.
The Son of Heaven,
He made the way.

There will be singing in the throneroom,
There will be singing in the throneroom,...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Canvas Press

This is unusual. This company is so cool. They will actually take your special pictures and enlarge them onto canvas, photo paper or fine art paper.

La Cense Beef With No Antibiodics

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La Cense Beef

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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She Runs For the Finish Line

I see her as she’s running,
she’s intent upon her way
Although I see her struggle,
on the path she’ll stay.
She might avoid a puddle
an obstacle along the way
And I know her foot might stumble
But it will never stray.

She runs for the finish line.

Today I saw her running
Though she was unaware
The wind had dried her tear-stained cheeks
With tendrils of her hair
She is bowed but she’s not broken
Let us show her that we care
And along way we’ll say a prayer,…
As she strives to get there,...

She runs for the finish line

She runs for the finish line
It’s taking precious time
To find a cure, this much we
Know is true.
But she will stay the course
Fight till we find a cure
And until then we’ll tell you
What we’ll do

We can’t take your burdon
Although we all want to
We can’t take your burdon
But we can carry you

Over the finish line,…….

This is a song I wrote last year for my sister Susan. She has had such a hard struggle with cancer, with life, yet she keeps fighting. I am so proud of her and glad she is my sister. I am truly blessed.

She recently married a wonderful man, Karl. What is so cool about the whole courtship is that my mom and dad and his mom and dad were best friends growing up. Karl has 2 brothers, I have 2 sisters. We played together as children, the boys and us girls. We figured one of us would marry one of the boys. And our wishes came true. And yes, I danced at her wedding, which was a new experience for me, and an amusing sight for the wedding guests.

So wishes do come true, and Sue, my wish for you is that you can settle down now with Karl and have a truly happy life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Diabetic Diet Secrets

Dr. Michael Barron writes this manual for diabetics that is informative and interesting. For example, he shows you how to understand the glycemic index and gives some real tasty recipes to answer the question “How do I eat now?” He even shows you how to order when you are in a restaurant. I have rarely seen a book that includes that. After all, we live in a fast food age. And now you will know how you can still eat out and still eat healthy.

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How to plan a Fairytale Wedding

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206 Vintage Quilt Patterns

Ruby Short McKim wrote a book that is very interesting called “Two Hundred and One Vintage Patchwork Patterns”. If you are a quilter and want to see actual vintage patterns as well as learn quilt stories for patterns included, this is the book to have in your library. She will show you yardage and construction information on the patterns included.

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The last time I bought plants, I was amazed to see what even our local discounts stores were charging. I think you will be surprised at how easy a greenhouse can be constructed, and best of all, it can be used for many years to come.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Official Restaurant Recipes as Seen on TV

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Another Day

Three weeks into this new diet and I finally lost 10 pounds. I decided several weeks ago to give up all flour-based products. I was doing so well, but this week, I have not lost any weight. I did join a gym though, a big step for me. Hey, if all those youngsters can do it, I can too. 50 is the new 30, right? So I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and I am going straight to the fresh produce aisle.

Hey, check this recipe out:

1 cup cream cheese
1/2 bottle of blue cheese dressing
1 cup cheddar cheese
1/4 cup hot sauce

Heat up mixture in pan. When melted set aside. Brown up some Chicken breasts (around 3 should do it) Add chicken to melted mixture.

This is very yummy. A lady I work with, her name is Sue, made this at a Christmas party and ever since then there is not one of us in my office who is not making it at least once a week. We told her she should bottle it.

Let me know what you think. Sometimes I get lazy at night and will put my chicken breasts in a buttered baking pan and put the mixture on top and bake it while I take a cat nap.