Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Son

A special child like you son;
Your sobs wrench my heart
as you cry over some unseen fear.
How dark your world must seem,
to be devoid of human contact.
Not to know that our caresses
are a sign of our love.

As you huddle in
the secret places of your mind.
You seek a quiet place
where others cannot reach you.

A special child, like you son,
I cry as I look at your peaceful
sleeping face.
One arm is curled
behind your little head.

In sleep you have peace;
the fears of day
are wiped away.
I brush your cheeks
with my fingers,
My tears fall on your pillow,
How I love my special child,
my son.

My son has Autism, I would love to hear from other family members who have a special child like this in their family.